Like This – Wonder Girls by EssencE

this is our 2nd video…..YEAY~~!!

we are covering Like This by Wonder Girls.
There were only 3 of us in this video. but we are giving our best to make it.
hope you enjoy it…

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Love and Girls cover by EssencE

this is me and my friends cover dance….

but there is some error when we upload it to youtube. The video become 6 minutes long. the last 3 minutes is soundless. I don’t understand why it turn out like that. the original video that we had is totally fine.

just watch it.
hope you all like it..
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thank you…


Kurayami Festival Drummers

what a big drums

Tokyobling's Blog

At Tokyo’s Fuchu City, I visited the Kurayami Festival a couple of months ago and saw these drummers resting in the shade of the railway tracks next to the main station. For photographers, having the subject in shadow during the day is pretty much ideal so I took the chance to take a lot of photos! Despite their break, they can’t let the big drums go silent so they kept taking turns keeping the drums sounding using two large baseball bats. Thousands of people followed these drums around the town for the two day festival, so there was an almost never ending stream of people lining up to take their turn at one of these many drums around town. Just walking around in the neighborhood is pretty amazing, listening to the drums booming around town. More photos to come!











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my cover dance group have a name~~ yeaaay!!

and it has 4 member~~ wohoooo!!

feel so exited. 

our debut song will be Love and Girls from SNSD with 4 member in it.

In Like This there will be only 3 of us. The other member just join us yesterday. So she can’t catch up with the Wonder Girls songs.

I will upload the videos as soon as possible. because we haven’t make the video. hahahhaahaha

so be patience people… hihihihi